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Have you been worried about needing a tooth extraction? Today’s extractions are painless procedures that only take a few minutes. You’ll receive a local anesthetic that completely numbs the area before the extraction. Call our office to make an appointment; we will put you at ease and make the experience as pleasant as possible.

How Much Will a Simple Extraction Cost?

We base your tooth extraction cost on whether you need a simple or surgical extraction, the tooth’s location and how difficult the tooth will be to remove. If you call our office to schedule an appointment, our dentist can quote a price after an examination. Insured patients should bring their information with them so we can calculate the expected out-of-pocket expense.

What Is Surgical Tooth Removal?

To pull a tooth, our dentist will loosen the tooth and pull it out with forceps. If our dentist can’t grasp the tooth, he or she will refer you to an oral surgeon. Oral surgeons cut into your gum to access the tooth. Surgical extractions are more complex and have longer healing times.

When is a Tooth Extraction the Only Option Left?

Sometimes, teeth are too decayed or damaged to repair with a root canal because there won’t be enough of the tooth left to hold a crown. In these cases, an extraction and a tooth replacement is your best option. Other reasons for an extraction are explained below.

Is a Tooth Extraction Necessary If I Have a Cracked or Broken Tooth?

If you have a painful cracked or broken tooth and the damage has reached the pulp, our dentist may be able to save your tooth with a root canal. If root canal therapy isn’t feasible, our dentist will extract your tooth to relieve your pain. Once you have a tooth extracted, our dentist will explain why it is important to replace the tooth.

Should My Child Ever Get a Baby Tooth Pulled?

Since a child’s baby teeth are important for speaking and chewing properly, along with saving a space for permanent teeth, parents often wonder about a dentist’s recommendation to pull one of their child’s teeth. After all, the tooth would fall out on its own. Our dentist many suggest extracting a baby tooth if the tooth is badly decayed and a root canal won’t save it. This will relieve your child’s pain. Dentists will also pull stubborn baby teeth that refuse to make way for the permanent tooth. If you’re looking for a gentle dentist with experience extracting children’s teeth, call our office to make an appointment for your child.

Why Should I Consider Teeth Extractions If I Have Advanced Gum Disease?

When you have advanced gum disease, an infection can develop in your gums and jawbone, making your teeth loose. This will cause pain. It’s better to have a dentist pull the tooth, instead of just waiting for it to fall out, to avoid the risk of infection, Call us to schedule an appointment if you have loose teeth you would like extracted.

Why Are Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Wisdom teeth usually emerge between the ages of 17 and 25. Sometimes they erupt normally, but other times, they don’t emerge at all. If you have impacted wisdom teeth, you will need surgical extractions. If your wisdom teeth partially emerge and they are not aligned properly. our dentist will suggest extracting them to avoid any future problems, such as infection, decay or damage to surrounding teeth.

Can I Get Extractions If My Teeth are Crowded?

Before getting orthodontic treatment, you may need extractions to make room for your teeth to move into alignment. Our dentist will make the extractions as fast and painless as possible. You may feel a slight pressure, but the local anesthetic our dentist administers will ensure the procedure is virtually painless. Call our office if you need extractions before getting braces.

What Are the Aftercare Instructions After Having a Tooth Pulled?

After getting a tooth pulled, you’ll be cautioned not to make any sucking or blowing actions for at least 24 hours. Doing anything, such as smoking or spitting, can disturb the blood clot forming at the extraction site. Don’t rinse for 24 hours, but then you may be directed to rinse with warm salt water. You should avoid any vigorous activity for at least 24 hours or as directed. If you lie down the first day, elevate your head.

What Tooth Extraction Healing Time Can I Expect?

If you follow the aftercare instructions provided by our dentist, you can expect a simple extraction to heal in about one week. Surgical extractions take three to four weeks to heal.

If you need a tooth extraction in Sarasota, call our office at (941) 462-2159 to schedule an appointment with our dentist.

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